An Origin of the Pluviophile.


(n) 1.a lover of rain

2. someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days.

That might not be a word you’ve heard of before, I know, but it’s a word I relate to very closely. I love the rain, I absolutely adore it. When most people would shelter in their homes during a downpour, I ache to run outside and feel the rain on my skin.

The word itself is relatively new. Pluv- Pluvi- and Pluvio- are all Latin based words relating to rain and rainfall. And Phile- means a person having a fondness for a specific thing. So it’s pretty self explanatory; a Pluviophile is someone with a fondess for rain.

I’m not exactly sure where, when or why this admiration started, but I always remember sitting on my window sill, window wide open and listening to the rain since I was about six years old. I never cried when there was a storm and the loud bangs of thunder sent most of my classmates hiding under the tables and I would only ever by the clear umbrellas because I loved to watch the raindrops slide down the plastic.

But why?

Research suggests that a person favourite type of weather can be associated with a memory. So, it’s most likely that when I was younger, I had a very happy day, and it just so happened to be raining. It’s also likely that I had an unhappy day while it was sunny. It’s the same for most things; for example, I hate raisins because one time I choked on one, now I can’t stand the taste at all.

Like I said, I can’t vouch for my six year old self here, and I have no idea what that happy memory could have beem, but I do know why I love the rain now. I love smell (Another new word for you here: Petrichor; the scent of rain), especially just before or just after a storm and the sun is gradually peeking it’s head through the clouds. I love how the sky gets darker so the house feels cosier under the warm orange lights you are forced to turn on. I love the sound as it drums against the window almost rhythmically and lulls me slowly off to sleep; I even downloaded an app for those Summer nights when the weather just isn’t on my side and insomnia creeps up on me.

I love how people hate the rain. They dislike something that is vital to our existence on earth on to me that seems silly (although I am not the biggest fan of bees I must say). It’s just water, and yet people run to shelter from it as if it will burn the skin right off them.

While it’s raining is also a peak thinking time for me, as focusing on the weather helps me eliminate all distractions.

Plus, who doesn’t love jumping in puddles?





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